iRobot ® Roomba 880 – Full Review

The iRobot Roomba 880, robotic vacuum cleaner is one of the newest Roomba models from the 800 series that boasts the latest precision technology in vacuuming, which iRobot claims picks up 50% more debris, particles, dust mites, and allergens than that of the Roomba 770.

iRobot also claims that the Roomba 880 also requires less maintenance as it consists of many features that have not been available in its previous versions such as a special tangle extractor design (rubber rollers not brush bristles), includes a battery that lasts longer, and has improved sensory programming that improves its ability to cover an area more thoroughly.

The Roomba 880 also includes the standard features that Roombas have in the past like cleaning as scheduled, notifying you when it needs to be emptied, and also docking & recharging automatically.



iRobot Roomba 880: How Does it Work?

The iRobot Roomba 880 is a superiorly advanced version of the IRobot brand robotic vacuum cleaner that takes automated vacuuming to a new level.

It works on several premises that allow it to clean your floors as you schedule it to do so, detects and notifies you when it is full, docks and recharges itself when necessary, and also cleans the floors more powerfully than in the Roomba 600-700 series and models that have been previously released and sold.


Customer Reviews & Feedback


When evaluating the iRobot Roomba 880 reviews on Amazon, we found that:

85% of 4-5 star ratings!!! From the numbers and amount of rave reviews on the Roomba 880 it is safe to say that the majority of consumers who have purchased this specific robot vacuum cleaner model- are pleased with their experience with it. (it is also #1 best seller in Amazon Robotic Vacuums section) The Tangle-Free extractor system and the Roomba 880’s overall improved-ability ability to reduce allergens and pet hair is one of the main features that they really loved most.



“Fantastic for reducing allergies, may make you a neat freak!My allergies have improved hugely. So much so, that we are going to have to buy a second Roomba for our home.” (By Dawn Tarin, Amazon Rating Given: 5 Stars)

“I am IN LOVE with this beautiful machine. I have twins learning to crawl and a dog that sheds like crazy. I can’t keep up. BUT I bought this and am in awe how much it gathers. I run it downstairs on the timer every morning before we get up. It’s wonderful to not chase fur around the house. I run it upstairs during lunch to clean up before floor play begins with the babies. I couldn’t be happier unless I had another just for the upstairs. :-)
It’s smart enough to untangle itself if it gets caught on a rug. It did lock itself in the bathroom when it went behind the door. It seemed distraught when it kept banging the door. I think it deserves its own name because it is now a beloved family member. P.S. It also gets under the entertainment center better than my housekeepers.”
(By Jamie Pearson, Amazon Rating Given: 5 Stars)

“I gave this to my wife for mothers day. We have 3 dogs and 3 cats and hair is a major issue. Also, the dogs bring in debris from the yard. This little guy did a great!! job. Ran the first time for 2 hour and 20 minutes. My wife commented that it looked as good as when she did it.
Don’t get me wrong we will still need to vacuum once and a while but this does the day to day maintenance so the house always looks clean.”
(By randy, Amazon Rating Given: 5 Stars)

“Had 600 series for years. Brushes constantly needed to be laboriously cleaned to remove pet hair. Small waste bin and small filter. I could not fix problem with brushes. I have an expensive Turkish carpet, and always worried about brushes removing wool. The new model is worth the price. The first few times I needed to empty the waste bin. After that, very little maintenance. My floors look much cleaner. My carpet is so colorful, and looks new.
Must I go on?? I am buying one for a friend’s birthday.”
(By amazonian aficionado, Amazon Rating Given: 5 Stars)

“I own a Roomba 660 Pet Vacuum that has performed perfectly for 1+ years. This new Roomba comes with a significant improvement over my old, much-appreciated 660.There are no brushes! This Roomba cleans with rubber rods that operate in opposition to each other, sweeping up pet hair and dust without wrapping hair around brushes. The Roomba 880 gets rid of my least favorite chore – removing pet hair from the brushes of the 660.” (Phyllis Staff, Amazon Rating Given: 4 Stars)

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10% of 2-3 stars ratings: Some reviewers and users rated the robot in an unbiased nature by presenting all the good features, and noting only a few while others were just very disappointed in their expectations of what this hands-free vacuum could do. Mediocre reviewers reported, emptying the tray too often, and an ill take to the vague instructions included with the product.



“I work in the technology field and get paid to figure out how complex systems function. This owners manual gave practically ZERO helpful information. I had to scour the internet to figure out how the virtual wall and virtual lighthouse (failed to) work. Doesn’t tell you the best place to position your Roomba dock. Doesn’t tell you how the lighthouse works. Doesn’t tell you how the wall works. Doesn’t tell you how the remote control (REALLY) works.”
(Joseph Greer, Amazon Rating Given: 3 Stars)

“Pretty solid. For the price point, you’d expect this product to be life-changing, but alas, it’s pretty average. It will pick up most obvious particles, but it does need to be cleared of tangled hairballs regularly. Just dump out the filter after each use, and the product will work satisfactorily. If you expect this to replace your human standard, however, be prepared to be disappointed.”
(Kirby 34, Amazon Rating Given: 2 Stars)

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Only 5% of 1 star ratings: The small points noted in the few negative reviews of the Roomba 880 indicate that there have been a few problems with people using this vacuum cleaner to its highest ability to clean. Some point out that it does not clean as well as they expected for the price they paid to get one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners out there, but really how much can a robot do?

The manual included with the Roomba 880 is not as detailed or explanatory as some users would have liked. It lacks intense details of instructions when employing the virtual walls/lighthouse features to program the robot to exclude rooms or clean certain rooms.

Additionally, its limited battery life and the need to empty it every 15 minutes were reported in incidences of people who have very dirty floors on initial use of this product.

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YouTube reviews:


Other Models of Roomba iRobot – Comparison:




Product Features



The iRobot Roomba 880 is designed in black and only comes in the single black color. It weighs 8.4 lbs (slightly heavier than other Roomba models). It is 13.9 inches wide and 3.6 inches in height. The Roomba 880 is still round-shaped like in former models of the Roomba series and still contains the power button in the center of the device like with the 500, 600, and 700 series models.



Automated Features:

Remote Control: The Roomba 880 can be controlled on the actual vacuum cleaner or remotely via a remote control that enables you to change settings, steer it around, order it to dock, charge, spot clean, and more.This is a long-standing feature of the Roomba robot vacuums that has been present since the 600 series was introduced. However, the Neato brand of vacuum robots still do not offer this feature.


Virtual Lighthouses: The Roomba 880 comes with 2 Virtual Lighthouses or devices that you can strategically place against walls or locations of your house that you want the Roomba not to clean or to specifically access. The previous 770 also offered this feature but its purchase included 3 lighthouses.


What is a Virtual Lighthouse or Wall & What Does it Do?

The Virtual lighthouse included with purchase of the 770 & 880 models of the Roomba are an extra feature that consists of small devices which possess an infrared light that sends certain signals to direct the Roomba to better navigate around your home-space.

  • Virtual Wall mode– Limits the Roomba to areas you DO NOT want it to explore or clean (for example – a room that you currently have people in)
  • Virtual Lighthouse mode – Creates an order of how & what it cleans by keeping it in one room/area to clean it thoroughly and most efficiently (Maximum time per room is 25 min) before allowing it to pass this “gate” and move to the next room/area.

Example 1 – Separated rooms – Room 1 is the room that the Roomba will first begin to clean.

Both of the devices will block it from entering rooms 2 and 3 (room number 3 will stay block from access all the time).

After maximum time of 25 minutes, the device you set to be on ‘Lighthouse mode’ will allow the Roomba to access it, and it will block it inside for another 25 minute session at the most.

When the Roomba leaves room number 2, it will have finished its cleaning schedule and return back to its docking base.

Example 2 – One big room that you split into “areas” using this device.

Example 3 – Three rooms, both of the devices are on Lighthouse mode –

  • Step 1 – The Roomba is stuck in room 1 (where the dock base is), because of the lighthouse mode.
  • Step 2 – After finishing room 1, the Roomba can access the “gate” to the next room, and can’t go back. Thus, now it is stuck in room 2. it won’t enter room 3 while cleaning room 2, because of the second device (also on Lighthouse mode).
  • Step 3 – After finishing room 2 – the Roomba can access the “gate” and continue to room number 3. it will get stuck there.
  • Step 4 – After finishing room 3, the lighthouse will open and be allowed to go back to the docking station.


A lot of questions have been brought upon by users and buyers of the Roomba 770 and 880 in lieu of how to use it, how to program them, and more. Although the instruction manual is not as well-detailed in demonstrating and instructing users to use the Lighthouse/Virtual Wall feature devices on the Roomba 880, one can find more information and instruction on how this works here LightHouse/Virtual Wall for Roomba 770-880 Support.



Digital Display and Buttons:

Digital display and buttons initiate actions and features consist of:

  • Dock: Dock allows you to hit the precise button and the Roomba will return to its station and dock itself.
  • Clock: Clock allows you to set the time, date, month, and year on your robotic vacuum.
  • Schedule: Schedule allows you to set certain times which you would like the Roomba to clean your floors (up to 7 times a week).
  • Spot: The Spot programming mode allows you to set the Roomba to clean a certain spot or areas as you program it and activate this feature. You can select this feature when you want the Roomba 880 to more thoroughly clean an area of one meter in diameter around the space you designate by virtual lighthouses or within docking it. You can even perform this and select this button option when or while in cleaning mode- all you do is you select the option to spot clean and it will be designated to clean that area intensely (1 meter circumference.)



Indicator Lights on the Roomba 880:

The iRobot Roomba 880 has several lights that change colors or flash to communicate with you when it needs charging, is charging, needs to be emptied, or to notify you of a problem.



  • Flashing Amber Light– A steady amber light on the Roomba 880 indicates that
  • Green– When the Roomba is docked, and on charge it will present a solid green light indicating that it is fully charged and ready.
  • Red– A solid red light allows you to know that the Roomba has run out of battery power completely, and needs to be recharged.
  • Troubleshooting- Your vacuum bot will flash an orange or red light when there is some unknown issues it detects with its performance.
  • Full Bin Light Indicator- When you need to empty the Roomba’s collective tray, you will get notified of this through a full bin indicator light.
  • Anti-angle Light- An anti-angle light tells you when your Roomba needs to get cleaned and has gotten tangled-up in hair, strings, and more.




Cleaning Capabilities:

The Roomba 880 has the extremely high-tech, Dirt Detect 2 sensory software which works optimally to detect dirt, hair, debris, and particles more efficiently than other past models of the Roomba vacuum series.

In addition, the Roomba 880 consists of a few features that make it very different, unique, and more technologically advanced then the former Roomba 660, 770 series models manufactured.

AeroForce: AeroForce is an advanced cleaning technology that incorporates 3 major new attributes to the iRobot Roomba 880:

  • Brushless extractors that break down and grab dirt at the core of the floor space,
  • A unique airflow accelerator that seals with tight suction capabilities & extracts every particle thoroughly,
  • A new motor that multiplies the Roomba 880’s vacuum power up to 5X.

iAdapt Technology: iAdapt responsive navigation technology is a feature of the Roomba 880 that enables its sensors and built in software to sense debris and dirt on the floors, navigate itself around your house flawlessly, and to cover all the space on the floors so it gets it as clean as possible.

Extended Life Battery: iRobot XLife Extended Life Battery delivers twice as many cleaning cycles as previous Roomba batteries, doubling the time before you may need to replace your Roomba battery.
*Roomba run-time remains the same between recharges. Battery lifetime varies with home environment and usage. Use Roomba as directed for longest battery life.



What’s in the Package?

When you order the iRobot Roomba 880 your purchase will include:

  • iRobot Roomba 880
  • A set of instructions
  • 1 Infrared remote control
  • 2 virtual lighthouses/walls
  • Extra Hepa Filter
  • 1 Roomba 880 docking station
  • 1XLife Extended Life Battery
  • Batteries for remote (2 AA’s) and Virtual lighthouses (4 C’s) are included.



Product Accessories & Replacements

Your purchase of the Roomba 880 comes with an array of accessories and features, however there are a few things notable that you should consider when wanting it to perform optimally.

Hepa Filter – One of the main accessories included with your Roomba 880 that will need to be replaced as recommended from the manufacturer is the Hepa Filter. It is recommended that you replace the Hepa filter every 2-months to extend the cleaning performance, efficiency and the life-span of your Roomba bot.

Battery – Additionally, you may find later after the warranty on the battery has expired (6 months) that you need to replace it for optimal performance. You may need to purchase a new battery for your Roomba 880 after it has been used for 6 months or longer, and is no longer as time-lasting as it was in former uses.

Side Brushes – The Roomba 880 has an add on option of side brushes that can be used to better clean your home areas. These brushes help to clean around the edges of surfaces of walls and floors, allowing the Roomba to pick up more debris, dust, and dirt. These are sold in packs of 3, and are only compatible with the 800 series Roomba vacuum robot models. iRobot claims they are simple to install and remove by use of a small coin.

Batteries – For the remote control and the lighthouses \ virtual wall.

Additional Lighthouses/virtual walls – Can be purchased in addition to the ones that are included with your Roomba 880, for more convenience with the product.



Warranty and Support Information

Warranty: The iRobot Roomba 880 does come with a warranty (1 Year Limited), and the XLife Battery includes a limited (6 month) warranty.


  • By Phone.
  • By Email.
  • Live Chat.
  • Online FAQs and tutorials.

See manufacturer’s official website iRobot for more warranty information, and for other support inquiries.



Roomba 880 Product: Questions and Answers

Does the Roomba 880 also mop up floors or does it just vacuum?

The Roomba 880 is just a vacuuming robot equipped to help with pet hair, dander, allergens, and other dirt and debris that accrue on floors. It does not mop and should not be used to suck up wet matter.

Will the Roomba 880 be able to pick up small insects and bugs without a problem?

Yes. The Roomba 880 has special technology that allows it to pick up larger debris like pet kibble, kitty litter, and even insects. However, it would not have the power to pick up large rodents, lizards, and larger pests.

Will the Roomba 880 get tangled up in carpet that contains fringe around the edges?

No. The Roomba has rollers and not brushes made from rubber that help with the typical tangles that occur with fringed carpets so fringe will not pose any problems for the Roomba 880.

Can the Roomba go from a tiled area or wood floors to carpet and vice-verse?

The Roomba 880 navigates very smoothly between, hardwood floors, tiles floors, area rugs, and fully carpeted areas without problem.

How well does the Roomba 880 work for pet hair and human hair?

With the Roomba 880 being the most-advanced iRobot vacuum yet with the best technology and a large Hepa filter, it’s been marketed strategically to easily pick up hair from pets and humans without it getting tangled inside the machine.

What else does the Roomba 880 Include besides the vacuum device itself?

The Roomba 880 comes with an instruction manual, 2 virtual walls/lighthouses, a remote control, batteries for all devices, a docking station/home base, and a Hepa filter.

Does the Roomba 880 run quietly or is it loud?

In comparison to other brands of vacuum robots, and prior versions of the Roombas, the 880 runs extremely quietly as it cleans floors around your home, office, or area.

Can I clean the Hepa Filter to extend its life-span and also so it performs better?

Yes. The Roomba 880 Hepa filter can be cleaned regularly. Instructions for cleaning the Hepa is included in your user manual that came with your robotic vacuum. Additionally, the Hepa filter should be replaced every 2 months for best performance of your Roomba 880.

Does the Roomba 880 cause scuffs on baseboards and furniture?

No. It navigates with iAdapt technology to sense objects better, it can edge the walls of your home without scratching, scuffing, or bumping into them violently.

Will the Roomba 880 scratch hardwood floors?

No. The Roomba 880 was designed to pick up and vacuum messes off all types of flooring materials including, hardwood, tile, laminate, area rugs, and full carpets.

Can the Roomba navigate under beds and couches well?

Yes as long as the space underneath the beds and couches is high enough for the Roomba to comfortably navigate underneath them.



The Upside of Using the iRobot Roomba 880

Larger trash bin- The Roomba 880 contains a larger holding capacity in its trash bin which allows users to NOT empty it as often as in older Roomba models.
Works efficiently for removing pet allergens
Runs very quietly in comparison to other automated vacuum machines
Hairs do not get tangled in it, because of the 880 Roomba only- inclusive, new advanced extraction design and technology that employs rubber rollers, rods- instead of vulnerable brush-oriented bristles
Easy to use
Cleans under beds without issues
Convenient, works well when left unattended
Significant difference in before cleaning and after cleaning- gets the dirt up
It retraces spot after spot to assure it has picked up every possible thing
Battery lifetime is longer


The Downside of the iRobot Roomba 880

Priced a little steep for some
Instruction manual is not well-detailed and leaves user with questions
With real dirty floor surfaces, the machine will need to be emptied quite often



iRobot Company Profile & Info

The iRobot Company was founded and established in 1990. It has been a revolutionary manufacturer of robotic cleaning devices ever since introducing the first Roomba vacuum robot. Now iRobot has advanced and expanded to producing robotic devices for defense and military, and has a number of different floor cleaning robots that not only vacuum, but also can mop, scrub, and sweep.



iRobot Roomba 880: Final Recommendation

Users appear to really express their satisfaction with this product over other versions of the Roomba robots.

From the many remarks that praise the Roomba 880 for its vast capabilities to clean debris, dust mites, allergens, and other small particles off the floor to the super-low maintenance required for it to work properly, this model specifically marketed for pet, dander, and allergy reduction delivers the goods when it comes to its claims.

If you are willing to pay the pretty penny to get one of the most advanced robot vacuum cleaners manufacturer right now, the Roomba 880 is worth a look. Just consider your needs first, your budget, and decide for yourself if the efficiency and new model of the Roomba vacuum robot has all the best features that make it in your eyes an absolute must.


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