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The Roomba 770 is one of the models released in the 700 series Roomba vacuum bots (Roomba 770, 780 and 790), and as Roomba bots go it is considered better than previous models in the 600 series and earlier 700 series, and comparable in some mannerisms to the most recent 800 series Roomba versions (Roomba 870 and Roomba 880).

The 770 Roomba automates vacuuming for the consumer, and allows the consumer to clean their floor surfaces conveniently without hassle with its functions being capable of employing commands, schedule cleaning sprees, and providing more of a hands-free robotic vacuum experience to the user.



How Does it Work?

The Roomba 770 iRobot vacuum features a dual Hepa filtration sequence that is said to help with airborne particles, dander, and dust that cause allergies. It also can be pre-programmed, commanded to clean certain areas by virtual walls, and scheduled on specific cleaning days and times.

The 770 Roomba consists of a pre-built in 3-stage cleaning process that breaks up, lifts, and extracts dirt from all types of floor surfaces. Its cleaning head includes a suspension system that can auto-adjust according to the texture and changes of a surface (ie. carpet, hardwood, tile, etc.)

Additionally, much like other versions of the Roombas, the 770 has a control panel, remote control, and docking station. It can be remotely controlled via the remote or by the simple press of a button.

The Roomba 770 also can recharge itself, detect when battery is running low, dock itself when finished cleaning, and will also notify you when the trash bin needs to be cleaned, if there are issues, when battery is in process of charging, needs to be charged, or is dead completely.




Customer Reviews & Feedback


When evaluating the iRobot Roomba 770 reviews on Amazon, we found that:

85% of 4-5 star ratings:
All but 15% of reviewers provided 4-5 star ratings for the Roomba 770 model. Out of them, what pleased buyers the most was that this Roomba performed as expected at picking up allergens, dirt and hair off variable floor surfaces. Users also reported that it navigated well, even on dark surfaces- and that it requires little effort to command, schedule, and let it do its job.


“I absolutely love my Roomba! I do not like to walk through my home a feel dirt on my feet. I ran him and was mortified at the amount of stuff that was picked up off of my floor! He cleans my hard wood floors in the main part of the house and the tile in the laundry room, pantry, and master bath. He also will clean the rugs I have in the living area, breakfast nook, entry ways, and bathrooms! I have very long hair and ‘Charlie’ picks it up with no problem…I just make sure that I use the cleaning tool that comes with the machine.”
(By Desirae, Amazon Rating Given: 5 Stars)

“I adopted a Black Lab two years ago and have been drowning in black hair! I have to vacuum every day. My friend had this iRobot and I was extremely skeptical. I set it up and let it go and wow it did a wonderful job. It does not get into every crack and crevice. Very happy with it”
(By Kristen song, Amazon Rating Given: 5 Stars)

“I bought this for my wife for Christmas since she was complaining about not being able to sweep the floors enough. We don’t have any carpet or pets, but it sure does a great job on my wife’s long hair that seems to be everywhere around the house! Since our son and I have more sensitive allergies, I went with the higher grade model. I’m glad I did. All in all, I would definitely recommend one of these. It picks up a ton of stuff every time and is easy to clean out. You should be happy with the results.”
(By TGGW, Amazon Rating Given: 4 Stars)

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11% of 2-3 Star Ratings:
Reviewers and their ratings of 2-3 stars made up about 11% of consumers who purchased the Roomba 770. These ratings were given substantiation through consumer remarks about poor instructional guidance with the purchase, that the Roomba 770 works better on carpets than hardwood floors and it’s more a sweeper than vacuum, and that emptying the trash bin and cleaning out brushes were a detriment- even though it works well at cleaning floors.


“It needs to come with more detailed instructions on how to use it and how to clean and maintain it. I found the DVD and the written literature completely lacking. It cleans well, but there are so many things you could share about it to make it easier for the buyer. How would you like to buy a paint by numbers kit, only to find there are only a third of the numbers shown? ”
(By Kathy, Amazon Rating Given: 3 Stars)

“I have 2 dogs, which apparently shed more than I thought. I have to clean the vacuum frequently, at least every other run. I have it scheduled to run 6x week. It is nice to come home, see the sun shining through the window onto your dark wood floors and not see hair and stuff. A little expensive but definitely a time saver.”
(By Tamara Payne, Amazon Rating Given: 3 Stars)

“This is a sweeper, not a vacuum as advertised. I bought it for hard wood floors, and to clean pet areas. I find it works a lot better on my carpets, it picks up everything on them. It does like to eat cords, so I just make sure they are up when time to clean. Machine is not as loud as a vacuum but does make a good bit of noise. Over all it’s not what I expected for the price, but I will keep it for my carpets. ”
(By Tielady, Amazon Rating Given: 2 Stars)

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4% of 1 Star Ratings:

The poorest ratings are about 4% of consumers who found their experience with the Roomba 770 unpleasant. Most reviewers who rated the 770 with one star complained about faulty equipment (ie. wheels falling off, missing brushes in package, and other things.) Additionally, people remarked that this Roomba model is loud and DOES have issues with dark surfaces.


“Missing the brush in the package”
(By Dent, Amazon Rating Given: 1 Stars)

“Wheel falls off continuously. We have tried teflon tape on the axle, but after only 4 months of daily use, this should not be happening. We have hardwood floors with one area rug. Roomba does fine with changing from floor to rug and I don’t think the floors are abusive to this wheel! After paying $500+ for this vacuum cleaner, I’m pretty upset about this design flaw. I’ve contacted their customer service, but so far have not received a response. I love the idea of the Roomba, and it has saved me lots of work, but the one star is for the annoyance factor.”
(By Ned1644, Amazon Rating Given: 1 Stars)

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YouTube reviews:



Other Models of Roomba iRobot – Comparison:



Product Features

The Roomba 770 is mainly black with a very dark gray around the edges. Its chrome on the function buttons and the power button (which are physical buttons unlike models 780, 790 and the 800 series Roombas – 880 and 870.)

It weighs 8.4 pounds, stands at a height of 3.6 inches, and is 13.9 inches in diameter. It does have a built-in carrying handle as well for easy transport purposes.



The 770 has many features similar to other 700 models, it has the dirt detect2 series, Aerovac 2, a special 3-stage cleaning system, anti-tangle technology, and unique adjust sensors. It is also built with a dual Hepa filtration system to better attack allergens and small particles. All of these technologies and features assist the robot at providing the consumer with a better overall cleaning experience.

Reviewers note that this Roomba model cleans very proficiently, and that it does break up dirt & debris as the manufacturer claims, senses more dirt in certain areas and proceeds to pass over them repeatedly to assure better cleaning, and that its cleaning capability is satisfactory.



The functions of the Roomba 770 include remote programming, scheduling and control, 3 cleaning modes:

  • On-board cleaning and scheduling
  • Automatic recharge and re-dock
  • Automation of which rooms should NOT be cleaned by the virtual walls included with purchase.

It also possesses indicator lights wish flash different colors, or are solid to help communicate with you if the bin needs to emptied, if it is tangled in the brushes, whether its batter is charging, dead, or needs to be recharged and if there is some other problem that requires attention.

Note: Virtual walls allow you to designate areas which you do not want the Roomba to automatically enter or proceed to clean.



What’s in the Package

When you purchase the Roomba 770 the following items are included in the package:

  • 1 iRobot Roomba 770
  • 1 Rechargeable Battery with Extended-Life Power Management
  • 1 Battery Charger (3-hour charge time)
  • 1 Compact Self-Charging Home Base
  • 2 Auto Virtual Walls (each requires 2 C batteries, not included)
  • 1 Extra Filter
  • 2 Brush Cleaning Tools
  • 1 Remote Control
  • 1 Instructional DVD




Product Accessories and Replacements

Like with any other electronic-based product there may be accessories or replacement parts that you may want or need to purchase separately in the future for your Roomba 770.

Battery: After multiple use, and time (about a year), you will notice your battery not charging as efficiently. This is when you will need to replace the battery of the Roomba 770. The manufacturer offers a full 6-month warranty on the battery. After that you will have to pay out of pocket.

Extra Docks: If you have a large home, or if your dock is not working properly after the warranty expires you may want or need to purchase another docking base or an extra one. This can be purchased for an added cost easily online.

Extra Brushes: Brushes can break and get worn after prolonged use. iRobot still manufacturers each model’s specific brushes for the purpose of extending the life of your Roomba.

Extra Virtual Walls: Latter versions after the 790 offer virtual walls and virtual lighthouse features in a single device. However the 770 only is compatible with virtual walls. You can purchase extra virtual walls for your 770 online directly or from an Amazon retailer.

Filters: iRobot suggests and recommends that while you should manually clean your Hepa filters every 2-3 uses, that after 2 months you should buy replacement filters for your Roomba to perform optimally.




Warranty & Support


The Warranty on most Roomba bot models & the 770 include a 1-year limited warranty on the Roomba 770 bot itself, and a 6 month warranty on the battery.

For more warranty information & details, and customer service inquiries contact iRobot with details provided below OR if purchased through Amazon contact the seller direct for the best service.


  • By Phone.
  • By Email.
  • Live Chat.
  • Online FAQs and tutorials.



Questions & Answers:

Many questions are asked by consumers in regards to all facets of Roomba 770 performance, use, purchase, and effectiveness. Here are some of the most common listed below for your convenience:

“How does The Roomba 770 deal with cords?”

The Roomba 770 does a hit and miss when it comes to cords. It can drag them, get stuck over them, and also just miss them all-together. It all depends, the best thing you can do is to alleviate as many cords as possible that stand in the way of the robot cleaning areas around the cords.

“Does the Roomba 770 work well with corners and tight spaces?”

Yes. It is made round but its wide-spread brushes reach outside of the diameter of the machine to clean corners and edges and wisp up dirt and debris that gets stuck.

“Can the Roomba clean any type of carpet?”

Yes. The Roomba 770 cleans carpets very well. There is a few consumers that have reported it having issues with shag carpets higher than 1 ½ inches.

“Is the Roomba better for Hardwood floors or carpets?”

It works for both. Which one is better is dependent on the consumer’s preference some say it cleans hardwoods better while others say it cleans carpets better.

“Can the Roomba clean different rooms and navigate to them?”

Yes it has room to room navigation that can also be designated and customized with the use of the virtual walls that are included with your purchase.

“If you have pets do you have to empty bin and clean brushes a lot?”

Yes. Pet hair and much human hair can call for you needing to empty the trash bin more frequently. However, this just means its doing its jobs, If you get a lot of hair tangled in the brushes you may need to also clean them more frequently depending on your circumstances.

“How often should the brushes and filters get replaced?”

The filters should be replaced every 2 months, and the brushes you should determine if they are damaged or broken or worn whether it’s time to replace or not.

“Will the Roomba 770 pick-up wet substances off the floors?”

NO. It is not suggested that you allow your Roomba 770 to travel over wet surfaces or puddles it could damage the sensors and electronic components in your vacuum bot.

“How can I reset the Roomba 770?”

Hold down clean button for 10 seconds.

“How long does the battery life last while the Roomba bot is cleaning?”

It varies. But iRobot claims it should last for up to 3 hours of cleaning time.



Works well for pet hair, removing allergens, and really removing debris off floor surfaces
Redocks and charges effectively without getting stuck
Navigates from surface to surface seamlessly
Easy to schedule, program, and command by a press or a button or remote control
Cleans edges and corners efficiently without causing damage or scratches
Requires little hands on supervision
Battery life is decent and satisfactory



Louder than expected
Problems with sensing dark surfaces from cliffs
Instructional DVD lacks good guidance and detailing
Trash bin is smaller, and requires emptying frequently



About iRobot Company

iRobot is the manufacturer of the Roomba vacuum robots, it has been in business since 2002 and has released many upgraded versions of its initial Roomba model. Although iRobot is best known for producing cleaning bots that vacuum, sweep, and mop- it is also a high-tech company that works with the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA to build other types of advanced robotic devices.

iRobot was one of the first companies to take cleaning to an automated level, consumers everywhere have sent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their robot cleaning devices in the past 13 years. iRobot has earned a reliable reputation for producing products that help consumer to spare time in the chore of cleaning their floor surfaces and continues to advance their features and products as time progresses.



The Verdict

The Roomba 770 is not that old of version of the Roomba robots. It does have smarter technologies that allow it not to get stuck and to sense and pick up debris more keenly than earlier models. It does a decent job of cleaning and according to ratings it picks up hair, reduces allergens, and performs just as claims predict.

The few complaints is that it is louder than consumers assumed it would be, and that it passes over the same spots numerous times (this is persistent pass so it cleans a spot more effectively.)

However, all in all the Roomba 770 is affordable as a medium-grade, earlier model vacuum robot goes. And it can spare you the vast amount of time that it would normally take you to manually sweep or vacuum the floor spaces in your home. If you are in search of an automated robot, The Roomba 770 can spare you much time as it performs efficiently according to most reviews.



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