iRobot ® Roomba 650 – Full Review

The Roomba 650 is an iRobot model belonging to the 600 series. It is 2 series behind the newest models in the 800 series (Roomba 880 and Roomba 870) and offers a mid-grade experience of automated vacuum cleaning to the user.

It is much more affordably priced than the newer models, and still provides great cleaning performance to the consumer as it can be programmed, scheduled, recharge itself, and more. In comparison to other models of its release time it rates very highly for its ability to clean effectively with its persistent pass technology and powerful motor and suction.

Its patented cleaning technology is targeted at extracting pet dander and hair that cause allergens that can be symptomatic. Additionally its battery life can clean for up to 4 hours without needing to be recharged.




How Does it Work?

The Roomba 650 works much like the earlier 600 series models of the Roomba bot, although it is a grade lower than the newer released 700 (770, 780, 790) & 800 (870, 880) iRobot vacs.

It can be programmed to clean an area or space and boasts a battery life up to 3-4 hours. It can be scheduled all days of the week at certain times and it senses dirt on the floor which it will persistently pass back and forth over and over again to thoroughly clean certain saturated spots.

It works automatically to help cover your floor spaces and vacuum up dust, dirt, debris, get in corners and edges where dust bunnies accrue. Its suction is powerful and the Hepa filters help to reduce allergens stimulated by dirt, dust, pet hair, and dander.

It requires little hands on maintenance and only needs to be attended to when the trash bin needs to be emptied or when it indicates there is an issue that the machine cannot resolve itself. Otherwise it works self-initiatively to vacuum and clean on your command, recharges itself when battery is low, and docks itself when cleaning commands are complete.

The whole premise of the 650 Roomba bot is to be as efficient as possible as a robotic device can be at cleaning your floor spaces, and enabling the user the free-time and convenience of not having the added chores.



Customer Reviews & Feedback


When evaluating the iRobot Roomba 650 reviews on Amazon, we found that:

90% of 4-5 star ratings:
The Roomba 650 actually has the highest of all series Roomba robots compared coming it in a 90% percentile of 4-5 star ratings in the total of consumer reviews. What appeared to be the most impressive benefits and features of the Roomba 650 is that it runs smoothly with little errors. Its good at picking up hair, and it is notably efficient at extracting air allergens caused by small particles, dander, and accumulating pet hair.


“It is very thorough and efficient. I love the fact that I can have my floors cleaned while I do other things. It is wonderful.”
(By Michael Berdansky, Amazon Rating Given: 5 Stars)

“OMG! I can literally walk away And it clean the whole house it’ll go for hours and even go back to its docking station to recharge itself absolutely love this. The only issue I see is everything has to be picked up out of the floor first. We have had this for months now MMH”
(By MMH, Amazon Rating Given: 5 Stars)

“This vac does all it promises at a good price. Takes all the work out of keeping the floors clean and is quiet too”
(By Wayne Hartley, Amazon Rating Given: 5 Stars)

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7% of 2-3 Star Ratings:
The consumers who provided between 2-3 star ratings for the Roomba 650 made different mixed remarks about its performance. One mentioned that it missed certain places, but really cleaned corner spaces well while another received a faulty machine and once replaced was more than satisfied with its performance. Another noted that the battery quality began to deteriorate after 5.5 months- however it should have been covered by warranty had consumer checked the warranty on the machine.


“After three weeks, I had to return it to iRobot because it failed to function properly. It was replaced. Ilove the way it now functions. ”
(By Jerry White, Amazon Rating Given: 3 Stars)

“After three weeks, I had to return it to iRobot because it failed to function properly. It was replaced. I love the way it now functions.”
(By Louise Wilson, Amazon Rating Given: 3 Stars)

“We loved this at the beginning. NOW 5.5 months later it is not holding its charge. It will run a few minutes and say it needs to be charged. I have kept it clean, re set it, charged it for extended time. I am calling Roomba and seeing if the 1 year warranty will hold true since we bought it here on Amazon. I just want it repaired. I miss Rosie. That is our name for our Roomba. ”
(By Faith Villareal, Amazon Rating Given: 3 Stars)

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3% of 1 Star Ratings:
The very low percentage of 1 star ratings from buyers of the Roomba 650 noted that the vacuum is loud (is the powerful suction and motor.) They also stated that the machine cleans randomly and often misses significant areas of the home. Additionally, poor ratings were provided because it often would get stuck under furniture and small spaces.


“It was what I ordered but it did not suit my needs. I returned it. It got stuck under furniture and needed too much attention. ”
(By Daniel J Partz, Amazon Rating Given: 1 Stars)

“this vacuum cleaner did not clean very well, it went in all directions, missing areas, esp. my rug, if I wanted another part of my house cleaned I had to pick it up and move it, returned it for a neato ”
(By Gail Goirdiano, Amazon Rating Given: 1 Stars)

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YouTube reviews:



Other Models of Roomba iRobot – Comparison:




Product Features

The Roomba 650 is designed in a sleek black matte finish which is highlighted by a lighter black/grey shade around its circular disk shaped edges.

It stands 3.6 inches in height and it consists of a diameter of 13.4 x 13.4. It weighs 11.4 pounds.


Cleaning Power and Special Features

The Roomba 650’s largest feature is that it targets a more thorough cleaning for allergens and pet hair. It boasts a 3-stage cleaning system equipped with a powerful suction cleaning system that extracts debris and filters allergens from floor spaces.

The Roomba 650 also consists of an extra powerful motor that can suction up through its Hepa filtrations system the smallest of particles, debris, allergens, dust, and dirt.

Its sensory system allows it to pass over and clean certain spots that are more saturated than others with dirt, dust, and debris. The 650 also boasts a more well-constructed brush system that better cleans edges and corners than the Roomba 500 models do.


Automated Features

The Roomba 650 is more sensitive through its built in sensors at navigating to and from different floor surfaces, detecting cliffs, and passing through and under spaces of furniture, under beds, and more.

It is better able than former versions of the Roomba to detect when its battery is nearing end of life and re-docking itself to charge up. It can still function very similar to the early 500-600 series Roomba’s although it is not as highly advanced in its features as the newer 700-800 models as it was released in 2012 (770, 780, 790, 870, 880).

Although this model DOES include a single virtual wall that allows the consumer to block off or fence off certain areas of floor space that they do not want the Roomba bot to pursue, according to reviews researched on this model, it is indicative that the room to room navigation is not as efficient as in the latest models released by iRobot.



What’s in the Package

When you purchase the Roomba 650, you will receive in package the following contents:

  • 1 Roomba 650 vacuum bot with battery in tow
  • 1 dock/recharging home base for the Roomba
  • Instruction manual
  • 1 cleaning tool
  • 1 charger that can plug in both vacuum itself and docking station
  • Replacement filter





Product Accessories and Replacements

There are certain replacement parts and accessories that you may want or be required for your Roomba 650 bot to serve you best.

The Hepa filter: Your Hepa filter will most likely last up to 2 months, however even with manually cleaning it will need to be replaced every 2 months for best performance at capturing and collecting allergens, pet hair, and small particles.

The Brushes: The brushes of the bot can break or become damaged with extended use, however for a very inexpensive cost you can order packs of replacement brushes when needed.




The Battery: The life of the battery included with your Roomba 650 should last up to 6 months efficiently, however after that you may need to pull out of pocket to invest in a new battery so that your Roomba cleaning times are optimal.




Extra Dock, Charger, Virtual Walls: If you prefer extra home bases/docks, need a new charger or want a better room to room experience you can order all of these essentials for an added cost.




Warranty & Support


The Warranty on most Roomba bot models & the 650 include a 1-year limited warranty on the Roomba 650 bot itself, and a 6 month warranty on the battery.

For more warranty information & details, and customer service inquiries contact iRobot with details provided below OR if purchased through Amazon contact the seller direct for the best service.


iRobot Company Support info:

  • By Phone.
  • By Email.
  • Live Chat.
  • Online FAQs and tutorials.



Roomba 650 – Questions & Answers:

After perusing hundreds of reviews on the Roomba 650, we found the following to be the most prominently asked questions in regards to its performance, use, functions, features, and more:

“Will it clean black carpet or dark surfaces?”

From most user accounts it’s inconsistent as to whether it will or will not clean a dark surface or if it will just overpass it or stop.

“Can it conquer large amounts of hair?”

Yes. This Roomba has a heap filter and powerful vacuum system that conquers pet hair and human hair. However, sometimes hair will get tangled in the brush bristles and require you to use the cleaning tool to often clean the brushes.

“Will it get stuck in a room if it is not near the charging base and battery runs out?”

Yes and no. This is touch and go and dependent upon several factors including whether the machine is near enough for it to detect its home base location. If it is close enough it will return to charging base, and if not it will stop in the midst of cleaning a room when the battery is at its end.

“How does the bot react when it gets tangled with hair or on a fringed rug?”

You just have to clean it when it gets tangled with hair or caught on a fringe rug. It will let you know there is a problem by an indicator light.

“Is the Roomba 650 quieter than a traditional vacuum?”

Yes. Quieter than a traditional vacuum, louder than a computer.

“Does the Roomba 650 come with a remote control?”

No. The remote control is not included with your purchase of the Roomba 650, however you can purchase one online as an additional accessory.

“Will the Roomba 650 vacuum up floor cleaning powder substances?”

Yes. It will if it’s a fine powder, it will detect it as dust and suction it right up without problem or detriment to your bot’s performance.

“How long can the Roomba 650’s battery life last while cleaning? “

The iRobot website claims the Roomba 650’s battery life lasts from ½ hour to 2 ½ hours of cleaning time before it will need to be recharged.

“Will it return to its dock when the trash bin is full?”

No. It returns when cleaning cycle is finished or if battery life has run down. However it will show an indicator light to notify you when its trash bin needs to be emptied.

“Best way to clean Hepa Filter? “

It is not suggested that you submerge the filter in liquids, instead use a toothbrush or air can to blow the dust particles out of the filter.



We found in our research that buyers of the Roomba 650 liked & noted the following as its best features and attributes:

Battery life is good in comparison to other models released in 2012
Maintenance is simple and not time consuming
It cleans pet hair and reduces allergens effectively
Picks up a lot of dirt and debris off floors
Does both carpets and hardwood floors efficiently
Set-up is easy, scheduling and programming simple



Dark surfaces can be a problem
Gets stuck when it’s too far from the IR sensors of the dock when it runs out of battery in another room
Trash bin gets full fast (needs emptying frequently)



About iRobot Company

The iRobot company has been manufacturing vacuum bots since introducing its first model in 2002. Throughout the past decade its grown leaps and bounds and is not manufacturing all different types of cleaning bots as well as robots that are used by the US government for nameless purposes. It is become one of the best, leading brands of vacuum bots that is sold to mainstream consumers all over the world and competes equally if not higher in ratings with other high-end brands of cleaning bots similar to it.



The Verdict

Back in 2012, when the Roomba 650 was first launched it was rated highly as an efficient little vacuum robot machine. These days on Amazon it is still being rated highly among consumers as it has raked in more 4-5 star reviews than most of the other vacuum bots released in the same time-frame.

Consumers have really taken to how proficiently it performs its duties, and how convenient it is to not have to manually vacuum or sweep up floor spaces.

One of the best benefits noted about the 650 is its keen ability to reduce allergens, pick up dirt, and alleviate much time when cleaning up after children and pets. Users were simply shocked at how much it actually picked up in comparison to how clean they assumed their floor surfaces were.

Some may consider this mid-grade vacuum bot out of date, but those who were hesitant to invest in an older model appeared to be very pleasantly surprised and confident in their purchase after they witnessed the Roomba 650 in action.

Now that the 650 has been surpassed by the 700-800 series models of the Roomba bots- (770, 780, 790, 870, 880), it is not as expensive as the newer models and can still provide the user with its many benefits.


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